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Black Stuff ( Venezuelan Dish)
Steak, Onions,Baby Sprouts, Bell Peppers, Yellow Potatos, Roasted Garlic, Curry, Black Pepper, Organic Chicken Broth,White Port Wine with a Black Brown Sugar Sause.

Pella Valenciana (Spanish)
Yellow Rice with Green Bell Peppers, Red Port Wine, Virgen Olive Oil, Green Peas,Carrots, Organic Chicken Broth, Sweet Corn, Zafrom, Sweet Curry, Garlic,Onion,Celery,Garbanzo Beans, Black & Green Olives, Shrimps, Chicken, Calamaries,Scalops,Mussels, Osters & Red Crabs.

Sea Food Paella (Span ish)
Yellow Rice with Yellow & Red Bell Peppers, Virgen Olive Oil, Organic Chicken Broth, Green Peas,Carrots, Sweet Corn, Zafrom, Sweet Curry, White Port Wine, Garlic,Onion,Celery,Garbanzo Beans, Big Black Olives, Shrimps, Calamaries,Scalops,Mussels, Osters,Green & Red Crabs & Clams.

Paella Barclona ( Original Barcelonian)
Yellow Rice with Yellow,Virgen Olive Oil, Organic Chicken Broth, Green & Red Bell Peppers, Green Peas,Carrots, Zafrom, Sweet Curry, Red Port Wine, Garlic,Onion,Celery,Garbanzo Beans, Big Black Olives, Chiken, Pork,Beff, Shrimps, Calamaries,Scalops,Mussels, Osters & Clams.

Seven Herbs Linguini Pasta (Italian)
Organic Spinach Linguini Pasta, Smoke Bacon, Smoke Pork Chops, Butter, Garlic, Onion, Green Bell Pepper, Sweet Curry, White Port Wine, Black Pepper, Sun Drie Tomatos, Fresh Chopped Mint, Fresh Chopped Bassil, Fresh Chopped Green Onion, Fresh Chopped Oregano,Fresh Chopped Chaives,Fresh Chopped Celery,Fresh Chopped Leek w/ Grated Parmesan Cheese.

Three Cheese Potato Salad.
Potatos, Garlic, Feta Cheese, Got Cheese,Pecorino Cheese, Mayonesse, Sal, Black Pepper, Chopped Red Bell Peppers, Honey Mostard,Chopped Celery


Hot Dishes

Cold & Hot Salads



Punch & Berverages

Spaniard Sangria
Red Table Wine, Oranges, Red Port Wine,Melon,Pineaple & Grapefruit.

Venezuelan Tisana
Melon,Orange,Watermelon,Peache,Papaya, Mango,Babana,Kiwi,Strawberry,Pineaple,Grapes & Honeydow.